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TFB Limited edition (2021) 112 copies with handmade cover, hand signed+ totebag + postcard


TALES FROM BELGIUM Limited edition
The limited edition TALES FROM BELGIUM book comes with a handmade textile backing taken from a first class seat from one of Belgium’s ‘Piggy’ trains. The yellow stripe down the front of the book indicates that it is first class.
The 56 first class seats of the AM75 series train, best know as a ‘Piggy’, had an orange textile made from solid wool and constructed between 1975-1977, while the second class seats were made from an artificial leather.
Alias Press has cut out and dry cleaned a piece of textile of each seat from 2 train sets; Nr. 840 and Nr. 838. Each book comes from one seat and has different colors, as some textiles were more used than others, making each limited edition version of the book unique.
All 112 (2x 56) books are signed by the graffiti writers who painted the very first passenger train in Belgium in the summer of 1990; Deshamer, Ces53 and Chop.

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